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Protest PAT Cancellations!

Skibo - this letter was sent to SCS by cmn@. I'll be going, and I hope you can join me.

The Thomas Merton Center is organizing a protest march on M, Jan 22



If you are opposed to massive service cuts and the fare increase,
Join Save Our Transit and other bus and trolley supporters at a MARCH AND RALLY to demand NO SERVICE CUTS! NO FARE HIKES!

Date: Monday, January 22, 2007
TIME: 8:30 AM to 10:00 AM
PLACE: Mellon Square, sixth avenue and wm penn pl. (downtown)
Contact: Amanda Zeiders, Save Our Transit, 412-361-3022 or zeidersamanda@gmail.com

**we will be gathering at 8:30 am. The rally will start at 8:45am. The march will kick-off at 9:15am and continue on to the Pittsburgh Hilton, where the 1st public hearing for the Port Authority will be held!
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Oh, the irony.

Can we amend the march to



I prefer marching for causes I can believe in.

It's ridiculous that they're planning on cutting the 28X though, a city with no public transit to its airport is a joke.
I agree. Does anyone know about or interested in planning a reasonable fare hikes and please can we keep the 28x pretty please protest.
I think it would be okay maybe to have a different fare for the 28x than for the rest of the busses--maybe $4 or $5, but have regular busses be a $2 flat-fare or somesuch nonsense. Still cheaper than cab or shuttle fare, and when you think about it, the 28x really does get out there. There are miles of road with no stops!
Exactly. While I can easily believe that the current schedule is not sufficiently profitable to work, it boggles my mind that the 28X route specifically can't be made to not be too much of a drain on resources. Heck, if they ran it once a day and charged $5 a ride, even to CMU/Pitt passholders, I would still freaking take it, because it's cheaper than a cab, and doesn't require me to prostrate myself before my car-owning friends, to whom I already owe so many favors.
Yeah, I was going to go for more like "NO SERVICE CUTS! WE'LL PAY MORE FOR BUS PASSES! JUST GET US TO THE AIRPORT!" or something.
No, we're not asking you to screw over Pittsburgh for the sake of CMU! 'course not! That's silly!

:) But I agree.
If you try to write slogans with words like "REASONABLE" and "MAYBE" on white placards, I think the Minimum Protest Indignantness Maintenance Police come and beat you up.
You're not seeing the grand scheme here, Dave. If they can't get to the airport, how can the Pens leave town?
What I love the most about the Thomas Merton Center and Vince (who are behind the Save Our Transit) is their complete and total rejection of the idea that money is a necessity. Its refreshing. Naive, but refreshing. Personally, I think that pruning some of the routes makes a certin amount of sense. I think it would be even better to start looking at

1) Flat rate service. Pay once fee and go anywhere. 1 block or 20 miles.
2) ALWAYS PAY AS YOU ENTER. One thing I hate about PAT is that you have to know, in advance, if its an inbound or out bound bus and if you need transfer because you are passing through downtown. Sure, its a minor thing but its annoying.
3) Look at the more far flung routes - how much traffic do they get? Can you set up service loops so that a small (less expensive to operate) bus can pick up the 4 people from the very edges of a route and bring them to one of several more central transfer point?

While I don't want to see a transit crisis we do need some sort of reform of the system.
I'm glad that there are people not naive enough to think that a MARCH AND RALLY will make $80 million magically appear.

I think a (pretty big) part of the costs right now are drivers, their benefits and pensions. So smaller busses aren't quite a solution, because they still require drivers (unless we're willing to hire them part-time, then sure!).

I am a fan of the Japanese incremented fare system, but that requires creepy bus electronics (you get a ticket as you get on the rear of the bus, and the bus tells you on an overhead display thing how much you must pay with a number x ticket on the way out the front)

Never mind my eternal bitterness about the fact that almost no busses that go through the Oakland area are being cut.
I don't actually thing the drivers make an insane amount of money. Some of them make bank but they tend to be the ones sleeping at the depot trying to pickup every speck of overtime that they can.

Going to smaller buses would help reduce fuel, capital, and maint. costs though. Part of that idea is also running the route fewer times. Of course, if we all had our jet packs this wouldn't be an issue.

This is supposed to be the future right? Where the hell is my jetpacks?! Certain promises were made to us that I fully expect to be kept! I'm looking right at you Mr. GE and the World of Tomorrow!
With an acronym like "SOT", I'll only be showing up if there's plenty of free booze.

And a bus to take my drunk ass home.