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Local Food Tasting
Wednesday January 24th, 8pm Danforth Lounge

The impromptu culinary club is bringing a student chapter of Slow Food USA to campus ( Several local producers/organizations have generously donated bread, cheese, cured meat, and other foods for the event. So come eat some tasty free food!

Slow Food is an international organization devoted to counteracting fast-food culture. There is a large focus on environmental sustainability, eating locally, thinking globally about agriculture, and supporting small producers/artisan products.

With a student chapter, we're hoping to encourage student awareness of Slow Food's philosophy, foster better student relations with Dining and Health services, and do awesome fun stuff! Some future events include:

*Cooking meetings twice a week
*Speakers related to food/cooking/agriculture
*Trips to restaurants, lectures, classes, or markets
*Anything you'd like to suggest

Feel free to contact me if you'd like to be on the d-list or if you'd like more information.
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I'd definitely like to be on the d-list for that. Anything involving yummy food is always good! ^_^
Sure thing. What's your andrew ID?
Oh! Right... cpalermo :) Thanks
and you do this after i've left.

I like this idea! I just missed this one. When is the next time?
I'm confused on what you've missed. This event is next wednesday.
Personally, I'd be way more into the Slow Food thing if they'd drop the pseudo political/environmental rhetoric and just focus on the food. The explict and implicit economic elitism is annoying to say the least.
There are things about the organization that I don't care for (especially some of the very awkward vocabulary ie convivia)

Personally, i'd like a student chapter more focused on having food related events and addressing campus-specific and local issues. I think it could be what people wanted to make it- not just snooty people wanting to go to expensive wine dinners and feeling like they're politically superior and environmentally informed.

What sort of changes would make you more interested in this?
Food. Its all about the food. Local is great - but mostly because of the freshness issue rather than anything else. The 'sustainability' thing usually encompasses a whole range of assumptions about what is best or what isn't. However, the upshot is generally that the focus is on foods that have a premium price that exclude the people that could be most helped by a greater appreciation of 'slow' foods. As such this sort of thing ends up being aimed at the economic and social elite with only lip service being paid to the underclass. Its also generally is a rejection of green revolution techniques that have allowed the world to have 8 billion people on it with a lower level of famine and hunger than we've ever seen in the history of humanity. Less than 70 years ago famine and malnutrition was a serious concern - even in the United States. Now, for the most part, hunger is a result of political unrest and transportation infrastructure rather than not having enough food. A lot of slow foodists I know either want to, essentially, return to those times to create a two teired system of the haves and have nots. I can't support that which is why I just focus on the food.

Sorry this is so late, work has been a mess.