schadenfreude #242 (ancilla) wrote in skibo,
schadenfreude #242

Trans Am concert info

can someone in the know please clarify this....? says that the Trans Am / Zombi show tonight is in Doherty 2315. Is that true? Is that the correct venue?? I haven't seen a flyer or any other info about it.

I mean, last time I saw Trans Am they were basically setting their drum kit on fire and whatnot....all I'm saying is they're going to be a little bit confined in one of our lecture halls. So I'm wondering if that was a cut/paste error of some kind.....?
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I'm going to say it's for real, AB Tech has is listed on their schedule of events.
ok, yeah, I guess that's good enough.

I was just hoping the venue was a typo. it's like someone sat down and said "Well, the Faint did rock out in the cafeteria, so with an artist like Trans Am, let's really challenge them....." and then they picked a lecture hall.

but overall, I'm just happy they are in town. and it should still be fun.


February 23 2007, 17:18:14 UTC 9 years ago

Also, DH 2315 is one of their major venues. They've had dozens of concerts there in the last couple years, pretty much regardless of whether it's an appropriate band to put in a lecture hall.
ok, they seriously need to update their website to reflect this information then. because the website is pretty misleading, if that's really the case.

This blurb from leads one to believe that they don't put concerts there:

"DH 2210 & DH 2315
Both of these venues are lecture halls in Doherty Hall. They are often used by AB Lectures and AB Political Speakers for speaking engagements. These rooms have video projection capability as well as limited voice reinforcement."