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Neat stuff from CMU alum

Thought I'd forward this along from a myspace bulletin post from my friend and fellow CMU alum Blair Erickson

from blair:
"I'm gonna be on CNN Headline News this Sat and Sun so watch!

Starting at 9:30am and again at 12:30pm PST both Sat and Sunday my short film "Cinematic Geography of Los Angeles" will be featured on CNN Headline News on their show "News to Me." I also did an interview for them so there's a chance my ugly mug might appear on there too. Also Tracey and Derek are in the shot too since they helped with the movie. Watch us damnit!

If you haven't seen the movie on YouTube yet, go to BlairErickson.com.


Hooray for movies.

- Blair"

His movie is really neat- all shots of different parts of LA and what movies they were in- I gotta go find me that back to the future mall parking lot now!! ; ) Anywhoo, thought some of you might find it interesting...
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