Jason Louis Feldstein (primaleph) wrote in skibo,
Jason Louis Feldstein

Yom Kippur minyan

Apologies for the cross-posting, if anyone's on any of the other communities to which I posted this announcement.

If you're Jewish, will be in / near Pittsburgh for Yom Kippur this year, and are interested in a somewhat nontraditional and small Yom Kippur service in someone's home (possibly mine), please let me know. The service will be designed by noted kabbalist S. L. Mastros and myself. I've created a Yahoo group for this and other events (Purim parties, Rosh Hashanah events, discussion groups, informal classes, etc.), so if you give me an email address, I can just add you to the list (or you can just add yourself if you like). For more info on who we are and what sorts of things we do, you can check out the Pillar of Smoke site here, or just ask me directly :) . The closest 'official' denomination to what we do is probably Jewish Renewal, but we're very much our own group... that being said, submissions for designing the service are welcome and encouraged.

(Non-Jews are welcome, also, but we do need ten *Jews* for it to be able to happen, not just ten people. Any Jew will do, not just males, and we mean Jews by the Reform definition - so if you have a Jewish parent or even a Jewish grandparent, you count as Jewish as far as we're concerned. Gerim (converts) are also just fine with us.)
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