admiralrewd (admiralrewd) wrote in skibo,

Carnegie Mellon Anonymous Confession Board

I thought you guys might like this:

The concept is simple: It is a free blog site that anyone can post on while being completely anonymous. You can ask the most simple questions about CMU or college life, or get a little more open and even blog about personal stuff. There is nothing you can't say. It's a site that gives people the opportunity to express what they are thinking and get responses without worrying about what anyone else thinks about them personally...pretty cool.
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September 21 2008, 19:41:38 UTC 6 years ago

begone, spammer. we don't like your type around here.


September 21 2008, 21:50:15 UTC 6 years ago

you don't like it, don't go there.


September 21 2008, 22:04:15 UTC 6 years ago

awesome. I guess I'll use the same policy with all those P3N1$ enlargement emails as well.

it doesn't make you any less of a spammer. you created your account to post to lots of college communities about your website.