keeptheroses (keeptheroses) wrote in skibo,

Help please?

Hey, I need some help with something I want to do for a friend of mine that involves getting flowers. If you think you could be any help, I'd really, really appreciate that.
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September 28 2008, 01:51:19 UTC 6 years ago

Here are two locals:

Leone's Flowers and Gifts (independent) - (412) 687-1595 - 5504 Centre Ave -

Oliver Flower Shop (FTD affiliate) - (412) 421-2729 - 5837 Forbes Ave. (also has a downtown location) -

Ask about the total price with delivery and tax from both before you compare. If you are a student or otherwise on a tight budget, say so before asking for the price quote.

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September 28 2008, 04:45:55 UTC 6 years ago